This page is a copy of the league rules we are obliged to as participants of the NJNCAL, North Jersey Northern Conference Athletic League. We are one of nearly 20 teams in the league.

Please read and abide by these rules as we are guests in this league.

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The Basketball League will provide students the opportunity to learn and practice teamwork, and experience both team and individual competition. The League will allow students to interact on social level that is both demanding and rewarding. The League will provide athletes with the change to participate in an organized atmosphere that will teach sportsmanship, increase emotional growth and showcase athletic abilities.

*Coaches are role models for all players. The way we act on and off the court will influence players.


  1. Maximum of 10 players per team each game. At least 2 staff present for all games. Cheerleaders/spectators are not permitted at AWAY games – spectators for home games 8-10 with proper supervision.

  2. Prior to the beginning of the game COACHES and OFFICIALS will meet and discuss any unique circumstances.

    • Ending game early

    • A child’s handicapping condition

    • Any other unique circumstances that warrant discussions and/or considerations

  3. It is suggested that a school administrator be present at all games – home/away.

  4. It is the coaches’ responsibility to control their team. Infractions of rules and/or sports etiquette will be dealt with immediately.


    • Profanity

    • Fighting

    • Baiting and/or trash talk

    • or other inappropriate behaviors

    That player MUST be given a rest. If the player continues to be inappropriate, the player must be removed from the game by the coach and not allowed to return for the remainder of the game.

    If a player puts his hands on another player in a violent/aggressive manner, that player will be immediately removed from the game and the committee will review for other possible sanctions.

  5. INCIDENT reports need to be filled out by both coaches at the end of each game and faxed/mailed to the committee members for review.

    Review Board:

    • Rickey Redd, Chancellor Academy

    • Terrance Oats, Chancellor Academy

    • Pat Deblasio, Fed Cap

  6. Good sportsmanship is expected from all participants

  7. All officials must read and understand the above guidelines. Officials must be willing to assist in enforcing the rules. At least one carded official should be present.

  8. A game will consist of four (4) 8-minute quarters

    Stop time:

    • 2 minutes between quarters

    • 5 minutes between halves

  9. Each team is allowed 3 time-outs and two 30 seconds timeouts per games. Games should be played the week the games are scheduled.

  10. Fouls


      On the sixth (6) foul, player is ejected from the game. If the team is out of players, the ejected player stays in the game with a technical foul and a technical foul after each additional foul.

    • TEAM FOULS – 7

      Upon seventh (7) foul, opposing team is in one and one bonus situation.
      Technical Foul = team and personal foul. On 10th foul – 2 shots awarded to the opposing team.

    • Ejection from game will consist of one game suspension.

      1st offense – suspended one game
      2nd offense – suspended rest of year

  11. Overtime Play – An overtime period will consist of three (3) minutes stop time. Each team will receive one (1) additional time-out per overtime.

  12. There will be a jump ball at the beginning of the game. After the jump ball, the League will use the alternate possession rule for the rest of the game.

  13. Uniforms – All players must be in uniform. Home team will supply pinnies if both schools have the same color uniform.

  14. To qualify for Playoffs – Teams must play all schedules games. In case of emergency closing, the school will not forfeit the game. Play-off schedule to be determined.

  15. A carded official is required for all games (2 officials are suggested). In the event a carded official cannot be secured, coaches need to agree on a course of action. Each school is responsible for the costs of officials in championship game.

  16. Cancellations – If your school must cancel a game, you MUST call at least 24 hours before date of the game. Cancellations will count as forfeit unless the schools can make up the game.

    * Emergency closings, see rule #14

  17. Fee: $40.00 per team.


    • 1st place regular season championship – both leagues

    • 1st and 2nd place teams in championship game

    • MVP’s for both teams in championship game

  18. Tie Breaker
    Head to Head

  19. Copy of League Rules should be available at all games.

  20. Home coach must e-mail game results to:
    Rickey Redd ( ) including forfeits and cancellations.

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